Hello!! I am HYGREE.

Let me tell you a story. Many years ago, on a stormy night, in an old town by the countryside, stood a small cottage. As the heavy rain pounded the roof and loud thunder split the skies, a knock was ….

Oh, none of that! My story isn’t a typical fairy tale. It is definitely a fairy tale, but one of its own kind!

Mine is a story of EVOLUTION. It is about making people happy through the EXPERIENCES I deliver.

It is a story of PASSION and POSITIVITY. A story of meeting some AMAZING SOULS along the way.

It is one of deriving HAPPINESS in the smallest of things.

The gentle touch of a stream of water caressing your body as you turn on the rain shower.

A sense of PEACE and TRANQUILITY as you step into a hot tub.

The RELAXATION and NIRVANA as the water from the jets gently massages your back.

A feeling of CALM as the steam engulfs you as it slowly rises up.

I find unbridled JOY in bringing these little pleasures into your lives.

As we meet each other again, it is my wish for you to have an ABUNDANCE of

HYGREE cherishes being part of your Beautiful Life, Again ‘n’ Again!! Thank you for being in ours…


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