Considering Bathroom Design? Read This Guide and Keep It for a Seamless Remodel

Remodeling or designing a bathroom is a significant undertaking that can be intimidating for many individuals. Since the lavatory is the only room where people require absolute peace and privacy, careful planning is required.

Additionally, it is essential to remember that every householder will have their own preferences when it comes to bathroom decor. And we believe that everyone should have the fundamentals in place to ensure that everything from the lighting fixtures to the floor coverings is exactly what is required.

With reference to this issue, we at HYGREE will discuss bathroom design and the factors that must be considered when planning a bathroom renovation. From thumb principles to compact bathroom secrets and trends, you’ll find everything here.

Why is it important to have a modern bathroom?

Modern bathroom design is thrilling. It is only natural that we strive to make our facilities aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Uniquely shaped bathtubs, replaceable vanity units, and wet room designs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate any space and budget.

In addition to modern amenities, a bathroom can be beautifully designed by incorporating premium dispensers and storage space. The selection of a design and color scheme is a crucial element of any spectacular bathroom.

To inspire your next bathroom renovation, we at HYGREE have compiled a collection of modern bathroom design ideas featuring beautiful ceramics, furniture, faucets, bathroom accessories, and porcelain tiles.

As creating bathroom design concepts is difficult. Modern designs are frequently influenced by the aesthetic appeal of natural elements and the notion that a bathroom should be aesthetically appealing and inviting.

To accomplish this, a growing number of individuals are turning to amenities such as high-end bathtubs with distinctive shapes, natural vanities, and even custom faucets or sinks. These contemporary designs permit homeowners to construct an oasis of tranquility.

What are you trying to find?

What do you want from this bathroom renovation, a regular, functional space that serves your basic requirements or a designer bathroom that serves as a luxurious sanctuary?

Do you require an elderly- or child-friendly bathroom? Or either? Additionally, you would have to make decisions with these parameters in mind.

Another essential consideration is the number of individuals who will be using the loo. Is it only for family, or are guests welcome?

These questions will assist you and your designer to determine the next steps while keeping in mind to:

  • Always choose simple and low-maintenance materials when designing a bathroom.
  • Keep fundamental measurements on hand.
  • Be conscious of the necessity of water conservation.

What should you renovate absolutely?

Floor tiles are an excellent option for replacement. New tiles can instantaneously enhance the appearance of your bathroom and add a touch of style to drab interiors.

Shower stalls are a breeding ground for grime and water discoloration. Replace the existing glass shower enclosure with a new one. Ensure you acquire a compact glass partition that can withstand water droplets.

A quality vanity unit can go a long way. Since your lavatory will be humid, you should invest in a material that resists deterioration from moisture.

Ideas for a contemporary bathroom that one should implement

  • Create a cozy ambiance

When it comes to taking mirror selfies, warm bathroom spaces are always a draw. And you can create a comparable environment using only a large mirror and warm yellow lighting. If you add a few artificial plants (or real ones, if you prefer), you’ll have the ideal Instagram-worthy bathroom.

  • Keep things basic

This bathroom demonstrates that simple designs can also have a significant impact. Choose a warm color palette and place debris out of sight. Your bathroom’s clear, simple, and contemporary design will be completed.

  • Embellishing with mosaics

Ceramic tiles have always been a popular choice for bathroom design. If you’re looking for a way to spruce things up in an old-fashioned manner, we recommend designing your walls and floors with coordinating tiles to create a beautiful bathroom.

  • Neutral yet striking

In order to maximize a small bathroom’s space, careful planning is required. This spectacular bathroom design makes use of every available square inch while avoiding a crowded appearance.

  • Opt for creative elements

If you are going for a subdued, monochromatic aesthetic, you can add a few artistic touches, such as the tiling, to prevent the space from appearing clinical.

  • Storage

You may believe that your bathroom design requires excessive storage space, but this is not the case. Always provide sufficient storage space for bath linens, toiletries, and hygiene accessories, etc. These items help keep your bathroom clear of debris. Your vanity should be able to accommodate the majority of these needs.

  • Choose your accessories with care

If your bathroom is quite compact, avoid cramming it with too many accessories. Keep only what is necessary and store the remainder out of sight. You can also add a faux-fur rug for added warmth.

  • Mix diverse materials

This restroom is an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary elements. While the wooden paneling imparts a rustic appeal to the room, the white marble gives it a modern and polished appearance.

  • The entrance

When considering the door for your commode, we advise leaving at least 32 inches of clearance. If space is limited, ensure that the door is at least 24 inches wide. In addition, the International Residential Code is mute on interior door widths and heights.

Before finalizing a bathroom’s design, you must confirm that it complies with the local building regulations. Simply ensure that your door opens easily and that you have sufficient space for the same.

  • Lighting

In addition to general and ambient illumination, we recommend installing task lighting in functional areas of your bathroom, such as the vanity, shower, etc. The design of the restroom should include at least one wall-switch control at the entrance.


It can be difficult to design a contemporary restroom. Our team of bathroom designers at HYGREE has compiled some of the best suggestions to help you create the contemporary bathroom you’ve always desired.

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