The appearance of business spaces is undergoing a rapid transformation, with ultramodern and contemporary designs becoming the norm.

Today, every commercial building, from corporate offices to shopping malls, IT parks to schools, airports to co-working spaces, universities to metro stations, hospitals to multiplexes, institutions to clubhouses, factories to warehouses, community centers to theme parks, strives to have cutting-edge technology, innovative design, swanky interiors, and intuitive products, with an unwavering emphasis on hygiene and convenience.

With the preceding context in mind, we at HYGREE are the perfect fit for your commercial premises, as we provide one of the best Rest Room solutions.


HYGREE has refined the balance between form and function with their assortment of Modular Toilet Solutions, which includes a wide variety of products, ranging from respectable lockers to shiny bathroom cubicles to stylish urinal partitions and even portable container bathrooms.

The modular toilet solutions offered by HYGREE exemplify the ideal combination of form and function thanks to the company’s expertise in fusing ultra-modern and contemporary design aesthetics with practicality.

With the use of eco-friendly solutions comprising of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) boards paired with high-strength nylon polyamide or stainless steel attachments, providing unparalleled durability and style.

HYGREE’s Toilet Cubicles, Changing Rooms, Shower Rooms, Urinal Dividers, and Locker Rooms of the highest quality, are designed and customized to meet the needs of the customer by providing the perfect fit to be rest assured that they will find their ideal restroom solutions, regardless of the models, designs, colours, or specifications.


  • Produced using HPL

High Pressure Laminate, also known as HPL, is a phenolic core panel that is composed of thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers, and manufactured at temperatures greater than 1500 degrees Celsius and these toilet stalls are made of HPL.

To put it another way, it is solidly constructed and unyielding, in addition to being resistant to the growth of microbes and conducive to good hygiene.

In addition to that, it offers a performance that is both long-lasting and up to three times faster than before.

  • Resistant against both Impact and Scratches

While it is not uncommon to see public restrooms with a few nicks and scratches here and there, we decided to go the extra mile and make certain that our products are resistant to both impacts and scratches. Sturdy and durable, with no visible signs of wear, which ultimately results in a performance that lasts for a long time and is up to three times more resistant.

  • Heat/Burn Resistant

Modular Toilet Solutions are heat and burn resistant, which makes for a safer purchase and offers up to 4X Cleaner Performance. HYGREE values the safety of their customers and complies with International Fire Safety and Security Standards. Because of this, the Modular Toilet Solutions offer up to 4X Cleaner Performance.

  • Anti-Microbial

Our viewpoint is that restrooms ought to be free of microbes and designed with cleanliness in mind. In our Modular Solutions, HYGREE has integrated anti-microbial and termite-proof material, which never fails to encourage sanitation and again gives up to 4X Cleaner Performance.

  • Graffiti Resistant

Because they are protected by a coating designed to deter graffiti, our sanitary solutions make it impossible for any kind of spray paint to adhere to the surface. This makes it simple to clean, and also allows it to keep its genuine appearance while providing up to four times the cleaning power.

  • Bearing of Loads in an Efficient Manner

The Toilet Cubicles offered by HYGREE are constructed to be sturdy and long-lasting. They contribute far less weight to the entire structure when compared to the bulkiness of walls and other civil constructions.

  • Long Lasting

Investing in one of our Modular Toilet Systems is a one-time commitment. In both appearance and operation, they are enduring and perpetual. HYGREE is the solution to never-ending maintenance and management expense problems.

  • Economy of Space

With our Modular Toilet Solutions, we were able to achieve our goal of introducing designs that are less cluttered and more sensitive of space by eliminating unnecessary components. Specifically sized to match your location without taking up any additional space, all the while offering performance that is up to twice as good as that of our rivals.

  • Stylish in addition to Practical

While we at HYGREE are committed to providing you with the experience that is technically cutting edge, we also place a high emphasis on design and aesthetics. Explore our many creative alternatives for Modular Toilet Systems, and if you find one you like, you can even customise it yourself! This is indeed superior to the products offered by our rivals and comes in a range of colours from which customers can select up to four different options.

  • Simple and Quick to Take Apart

The assembly, relocation, and disassembly of our modular solutions are all simple processes. Because of this, it is a rapid and efficient addition to commercial settings, while also giving performance that is up to 4 times cleaner.


The following is a list of some of the most significant benefits that our clients will receive as a result of their purchase of our product:

  • Maintains Conformity with the International Fire, Safety, and Security Standards.
  • When compared to traditional wall construction, it results in time, money, and space savings.
  • Easy assembly and no need for laborious brickwork or stonemasonry.
  • Substance that is resistant to stains and does not have any joints, for improved hygiene.
  • Easily accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • Maintains ventilation and cleanliness, two of the most important aspects of toilet design.
  • Material that is resistant to bacteria, fungi, and termites and is made with advanced technology.
  • Resistant to water, with the exception of when submerged in still water.
  • Above ground level, making it easier to do maintenance and keep the corners clean.
  • Simple to disassemble, relocate, and replace.
  • Effective support of weight, resulting in a lower total load for the structure when compared to that of walls.


It is crucial to have toilet cubicles in public toilets and other shared places where privacy and cleanliness are important factors. These are two of the primary reasons why toilet cubicles are so important, but they also make shared spaces more accessible and efficient.

As a result, we at HYGREE provide for modular toilet cubicles, which are an essential component of both public bathrooms and other shared spaces, and which provide users with the necessary benefits.

Please visit our website at https://hygree.in/ if you would like additional information regarding our clientele and the products that we offer.

Excellence is the motivation behind all we do at HYGREE. Excellent in terms of the product we offer, the customers we serve, and the service we provide, and this expertise has been turned into relevant, long-lasting modular toilet solutions that meet international requirements.

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